Sunday, 9 September 2012

Febisola David Kingdom INTERNET SCAMMER


Febisola David Kingdom

Febisola David Kingdom is a UK based Nigerian Fraudster. So where should I start well first of all  - Febisola David Kingdom is an alias and is one of his many different identities. It is very common among scammers to have more than one identity.   

I’ll let you in on a secret – his real name is DAVID OLUWASANYA

So what does Febisola David Kingdom actually do – well let’s see he doesn’t have a job, doesn’t own a company and doesn’t seem to promote a particular networking marketing company. Doesn’t that sound strange to you? 

All this man does is spend ALL day and ALL night on the internet SCAMMING innocent people via Facebook and Skype. He uses Facebook as its perfect to access millions of innocent people all over the world from the comfort of his bedroom in his parent’s family home. He doesn’t sleep as he much prefers to stay up all night ripping people off from all over the world. He has a group on Facebook called KINGDOM OF CLOSERS which he uses to post status messages and upload Youtube videos. He claims to close $10,000 a day – selling what exactly Febi? How can you be making $10,000 a day? I’ll tell you how because his selling his ‘Coaching Program’. What does this coaching consist of that costs $10,000? Who on earth would pay that type of money for ‘coaching’ from a person who has never started his own successful company or had any success in the network marketing industry.

He works alongside a fellow internet scammer by the name of Davano Hunter who is based in the US. Febi actually learnt all about scamming people from Davano Hunter – his partner in crime!

What makes FEBISOLA DAVID KINGDOM so DISGUSTING is the fact that he pretends to be a Christian and a man of God and posts Bible quotes on his Facebook page daily. Now let me get this straight you scam people online and steal people’s money but you’re a God fearing Christian. That’s an oxymoron if ever I heard one! Then he claims that he pays his tithes and offerings using the money he scammed on the internet. How despicable. How dare you use the word of God to justify your evil crimes. The devil is a liar and he can take on the form of a fake Christian in order to work his evil. Don’t be fooled that Febisola is a Christian – he doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

Febisola David Kingdom currently does ALL of his scam from his bedroom at his parent’s family. For someone that makes $10,000 a day – why would he still be living at home with his mum? That doesn’t add up does it?

Febisola David Kingdom is ruining lives daily and he doesn’t care who he cons. He scams single mothers, the elderly, the young and the disabled. He simply doesn’t care. Don’t be fooled by the pictures he posts of himself in front of a Ferrari. He doesn’t own it – he took a picture in front of one he came across on the street. He also goes into Louis Vuitton to take pictures of himself trying on clothes that he can’t afford to purchase. It’s all part of his image as a con artist.

If Febisola David Kingdom adds you on Facebook and claims that he wants to ‘help’ you in your business, please believe he wants to scam you. DON’T PURCHASE ANYTHING from him! Block him on Facebook and don’t communicate with him AT ALL!!

Remember the Devil comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy and that sums up FEBISOLA DAVID KINGDOM in a nutshell.